How to help

What For

Thank you for your interest in the West Bloomfield high school Robotics team. Our program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn about engineering & technology in a hands-on and fun environment. Our program’s mission is to inspire young people to become science and technology leaders by directly involving students in designing, modeling, building, and operating robots in competition.

Why Contribute

Our program is also aimed at giving back to the community. In cooperation with West Bloomfield High school and the West Bloomfield School district , our team has worked to raise awareness throughout the state of Michigan STEAM education at the k-12 level. Our students work with up and coming first teams.

How to Help

Our program exists thanks to the tireless effort of our adult volunteers, mentors, and coaches, as well as the generous financial contributions of various individuals and businesses throughout Michigan. Our team works to spread the names of our sponsors by putting business logos and names on the robot and team banners which we display at local events as well as competitions throughout Michigan and at the worldwide level. The names and logos of sponsors will also appear on team apparel.