OCCRA / Team #3

OCCRA is a robotics competition in Oakland County and like FIRST teams are given a new game and told to design a robot each year. Unlike FIRST the robot is completely student designed and built.

During OCCRA students build and control the robots. Students will make the robots place balls or complete other missions while other teams try to stop you.

Occra creates excitment for physical and academic discaplines, including design, engineering, physics, and electronics. 

People who participate in OCCRA learn skills of being collaborative in many different ways or settings. It also teaches you quick thinking.

One way First And OCCRA are different is in OCCRA the robot is built only by students. 

Click here to view the OCCRA website. https://osedfoundation.org/what-we-support/occra/

2021 Champions

OCCRA 2021